Strategic Packaging.

The primary role of product packaging is to protect the product inside. Brand packaging resonates the pre-defined feeling of the brand. Ecommerce packaging focuses on the unboxing experience and uses smaller, light-weight packaging to reduce shipping costs. Strategic packaging encompasses all of the above and flows out of the strategy following the Strategic Packaging Architecture.

The projects listed include projects of BiblioBuddha and Breakthrough Brand & Business Consulting.

Luvfud - Standing Coconut Milk Packaging

Luvfud - Virgin Coconut Oil Packaging

Ayvedah - Soap Packaging

Ayvedah - Chyawanprash Packaging

Daily Fish – Online Retail Packaging

Specially for you – Premium Gift Cake Packaging

Debongo - Sporty-Fashion Sneaker Packaging

Chai Chai - Sreetfood Take-home Packaging

VKC Pride – Package Refresh

Debon - Complete New Fashion Footwear Packaging

Quilon Biryani - Take-home Packaging

Goodspot - Classic Premium Footwear Packaging

Rich – Premium Cake Packaging

Funuts – Premium Cashew Nut Packaging

Planut – Cashew Nut Packaging

Azad Star - Take-home Packaging

Churakulam Tea - Single Estate

The Gateway Hotel Bubble Café - Relaunch Idea Box

Park Plaza - Launch Idea Box For Gifting

Vedhika - Launch Bangle Box For Gifting

Raviz Resort - Premium Membership Packaging

Vedhika - Saree Packaging

Ayvedah - Hand Sanitizer Packaging

Sprinkle - Crystal Salt Packaging

Sprinkle - Free Flow Salt Packaging