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The term ‘Biblio’ means related to books. And the term ‘Buddha’ means Enlighted One, a Knower. As our name suggests, we serve businesses with wisdom, knowledge and a deeper understanding to enable them to be rooted in the fundamentals to create a fast-paced success story. BiblioBuddha is a multi-disciplinary independently owned Strategic Foundational Design Company. We are one of the few companies across the globe that focus only on Strategic Foundational Designs. We create unique energy, permanent value and exponentially fast-growing business valuations for businesses. We lay the foundation to create high-power business success stories.

In many business discussions many executives confuse and misplace two fundamental terminologies – Logos and Brand Identities. A logo is a mark or an icon that identifies the brand or the business in its simplest form whereas brand identities ...

Strategic Naming is a very important element for creating a power business with high valuation. A strategic name not only flows out of the strategy formulated for the business but also develops a meaning and a reason for the business in customer minds...

Brand Value is the meaning that the world gives to the brand. Strategic Brand Identities play a great role in creating this Brand Value. Brand identities encompass all visual aspects that form the part of the overall brand, whereas a logo is a mark or an icon that...

Coming up with an idea for a great product might seem like the biggest hurdle, but in reality, the real work is bringing that idea to life and on to a shelf in a store. How do you get your product to stand out while simultaneously sitting next to competitor products? ...

High-Power Domains have become the fastest growing asset in modern business. With flourishing new online marketplaces and the emergence of Domain Trading as a new sector like share trading, high-power domain identification has become a...

Rebranding is the act of changing the way that an organization, business, company, or product appears to the public. Rebranding happens when a company changes its logo, slogan, vision, mission, values, name, target audience, or market to build a new

BiblioBuddha | Strategic Foundational Design & Consulting breakthrough

84-year-old Corporate House

BiblioBuddha | Strategic Foundational Design & Consulting breakthrough, india, kerala, trivandrum

India's Sporty Fashion Brand

First Destination Restaurant

The Complete New Fashion Footwear

New Age Healthcare

Travel + Leisure Portal

Indian Packaged Food Company

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India's French Connection Resort

Business Consulting in the Middle East

BiblioBuddha | Strategic Foundational Design & Consulting breakthrough, india, kerala, trivandrum
Manoj Matthai

Founder, Strategist & Chief Creative Officer

BiblioBuddha | Strategic Foundational Design & Consulting breakthrough, india, kerala, trivandrum
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Mini S. Joseph

Brand Leader

Ajith Sundharan

Design Chief

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